What is Article Submission?

The main purpose behind article submission sites is to attract a large number of visitors to your website without incurring a great cost. Obviously, it is important to make sure that the articles you intend to submit are directly related or relevant to your business.

There are various benefits of article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web. Two of the main benefits are:

Article submissions can enhance and improve the ranking of your online business in search engines by increasing the number of backlinks and PR.
Another benefit that article submission offers is that of establishing the particular website owner as an expert in their industry. By providing valuable detail and information within articles. It builds the trust of potential customers thereby giving them a reason to visit your website.

Benefits of submitting articles on High DA Free Article Submission Sites:

♣          Improve ranking of your blog insignificant web indexes

♣          Create long-term backlinks from High PR sites

♣          Establish your self as a specialist in your general vicinity and improve Domain Authority of your blog

♣          If you compose an extraordinary article, it may become viral!

♣          Establish a relationship with readers and increase the prevalence of your blog

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Importance of Article Submission?

Content is the king of marketing today for article websites. Without a strong content, it is impossible to draw people’s attention to article sites no matter what the market is. The same thing applies to your online business and even your blogs. When you start your blog or website. There are many challenges that you faced and page visit is definitely one of them.

Manual for Article Submission for SEO

You may use these means as a guide for distributing high-quality articles:

♣          Identify and make a rundown of Free High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites

♣          Register on these sites with your email address

♣          Select the correct class under which you wish to present your article

♣          Complete your profile with picture and author information

♣          Remember to incorporate a connection to your website and your catchphrases in creator resource box

♣          Articles ought to be unique, linguistically correct and 500 to 700 words

♣          You can use SEMrush (you can begin for free) to find best keywords for your article

♣          Submit your article for endorsement on the article submission site

♣          Once the arbitrator supports your article, it would be distributed on the site and you would be told through email

High DA Article Submission

Searching for free article submission sites? Give me a chance to assist you with new and refreshed rundown of best high PR do follow article submission sites. Content has turned into the spirit of web journals in this universe of web never disparages the intensity of content or articles.

Since they realize that quality composition and the quality piece can only convey them appropriate traffic to their sites and that can encourage their business. Along these lines, individuals dependably endeavor to. In spite of the fact that making a quality isn’t sufficient nowadays to drive monstrous traffic to that bit of content.


Distributing an article on your blog is an absolute necessity, however, it is similarly critical that you should present your story on all the high PR article submission sites. We already realize that making high-quality content is a torment in the heart and it’s beautiful tedious.

175+ High DA Free Article Submission Sites :

Article Submission on High DA Article Submission Sites assumes an imperative job in off page SEO. You can make the same number of backlinks as you need utilizing our article submission process. Notwithstanding, we suggest that you utilize high-quality content to make your connections super ground-breaking.

Nowadays the question is that What is the value of best article websites?

Here is your answer: It assistances to improve google PR and Alexa rank. Alexa rank is very famous now every blogger knows about Alexa. If your Alexa rank will high, then your PR will automatically improve. Alexa provides you maximum good backlinks.

High-Quality Article Submission List :

S.No Article Submissions Sites Type
1 https://github.com/ Free
2 https://seekingalpha.com/ Free
3 http://www.amazines.com/ Free
4 http://www.simplysearch4it.com/ Free
5 http://www.articlealley.com/ Free
6 http://www.articlegeek.com/ Free
7 http://ezinemark.com/ Free
8 http://www.realestateproarticles.com/ Free
9 http://www.articlesphere.com/ Free
10 http://www.pubarticles.com/ Free
11 http://www.articlekit.com/ Free
12 http://www.articles.org/ Free
13 http://www.ezinepost.com/ Free
14 http://uberarticles.com/ Free
15 http://www.123articleonline.com/ Free
15 https://www.articlecube.com/ Free
16 http://www.apsense.com/ Free
17 https://www.otherarticles.com/ Free
18 http://ezinearticles.com/ Free
19 https://www.abilogic.com/articles Free
20 http://www.articledashboard.com/ Free
21 http://www.webmasterslibrary.com/ Free
22 https://www.articlesbase.com/ Free
23 http://www.threadwatch.org/ Free
24 http://www.selfgrowth.com/ Free
25 http://www.abcarticledirectory.com/ Free
26 http://www.streetarticles.com/ Free
27 http://www.articlebliss.com/ Free
28 http://articlecatalog.com/ Free
29 http://www.easy-articles.com/ Free
30 http://www.earticlesonline.com/ Free
31 http://www.articlebiz.com/ Free
32 http://www.articlesbd.com/ Free
33 http://www.openarticles.com/ Free
34 http://articleneed.com/ Free
35 https://article999.com/ Free
36 http://www.zimbio.com/ Free
37 http://hubpages.com/ Free
38 http://www.articlesfactory.com/ Free
39 http://letsbefamous.com/ Free
40 https://www.isnare.com/ Free
41 http://www.articlecede.com/ Free
42 https://www.hitarticle.com/ Free
43 http://www.a1articles.com/ Free
44 http://www.sooperarticles.com/ Free
45 http://www.upublish.info/ Free
46 http://www.articledoctor.com/ Free
47 http://www.linkcompose.com/ Free
48 http://www.readezarchive.com/ Free
49 http://www.ezinemark.com/ Free
50 http://articles.submityourarticle.com/home.php Free
51 http://www.articledirectoryusa.com/ Free
52 http://www.articles.seoforums.me.uk/ Free
53 http://articlicious.com/ Free
54 http://www.1articleworld.com/ Free
55 http://www.dime-co.com/ Free
56 http://adarticles.net/ Free
57 http://www.howtoadvice.com/ Free

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